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Clinics focused on:

  • Weanlings- ground work

  • Yearlings- ground work and desensitization

  • 2-year olds- Saddling and basics

  • 3-year olds- Skill development

We recognize that the only way to have a solid horse is to start them from the ground up.  We offer clinics to get your young horses on the right path from a young age. We start or restart several hundred colts each year. 

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These clinics are focused on:

  • Mounted Patrol

  • Law Enforcement programs

  • Search & Rescue operations

  • Equine clubs

  • Trail horse riders.


These clinics focus on building a strong relationship between horse and rider to establish the confidence needed to enjoy any type of riding. Clinic sizes are limited and are usually full months prior. Each year we work with hundreds of people and horses and love to see the smiles and improvement of the participants. 

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Advanced Skill clinics are designed to:

  • Improve communication through hands, seat and legs

  • Develop softness in your horse

  • Improve body suppleness

  • Develop a mental relationship with your horse

These clinics are designed for mature horses and allow riders to set goals and build skills with their horse to develop a long term bond. Loving your horse by understanding them and use is what it's about. Become one with your horse and watch your horse smile inside as you smile on the outside.

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These unique clinics offer:

  • 1 day of advanced skill development at base camp.

  • Packing, leading string

  • 4 days and 3 nights of working with your horse in a mountain environment

Designed for riders who have a strong foundation with their horse and want to develop skills to safely enjoy themselves and their horse with the challenges of riding and camping in the backcountry. Check for availability as these limited clinics are a step back in time to see how this country looked before man settled it and needed a horse to survive. Couples encouraged. 

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