Horses For Sale

Jesse 14.HEIC



Jesse has all the right genetics to start running speed events.  He also has a very gentle and kind personality.  He likes to please his rider and could also be successful in other disciplines.  Because of his tall, leggy build he has a nice stride and could be encouraged down a show path where his build would allow him to be competitive in Western and English disciplines.  He has had a solid foundation and could go which ever direction a riders interest lie.  Currently riding inside and outside as well as obstacles.

Price: $7,500

Wagon for parade.jpg


Radar is the draft cross that everyone is looking for.  Radar is the right size to carry big guys, but is gentle enough for kids.  He has spent time in the mountains moving cows and trail riding.  Radar is also trained to drive and has been in parades.  He is much more versitile than the average draft cross and has even done some arena work including running barrels and starting colts.  Radar loves people and loves to be groomed, which is good because with his striking black and white color its hard to keep your hands off him.  We encourage interested people to come meet Radar as words don't say all there is to him.

Price: $22,000


Jetta is a Friesian cross 5 year old mare. Jet Black and gentle. We have been riding Jetta for 90 days and enjoy riding obstacles, outside, trail rides and now cross country and river bottoms. Jetta is young and ready to enjoy her life with her forever home.

Price: HIP #90 BLS July 22nd and 23rd



Check is a 5 year old red roan gelding that stands 15 hands.  He sheds out in the spring so while his head and legs stay dark, his body turns nearly pink.  When check was just a week old he sustained a skin laceration to his belly, while that injury has long been healed and he has no lingering issues, all of the handling needed to treat that wound means that Check loves people.  He is extra friendly and wants to be in your pocket.  He is a very kind and naturally gentle gelding.  He has been started with a strong foundation and been ridden indoors as well as in ourdoor areans and on the mountain trail riding. Check is at the point in his development that he needs to find his lifelong human and further develop his skills in whatever disciple they are interested in.  Check is very willing and will do best with a person who enjoys building a relationship with their horse.

Price: $11,000





Cowboy is a tall, do it all horse, standing 16 hands and stout.  We have been using him for mountain and cattle work. He has packed anything you can tie on him or pull a string all day anywhere. He has been used as a guide horse, dude horse and rope horse.  Cowboy stands tied or hobbled all day or night.  He has been one of our go to horses for several years now. He sheds out to a beautiful bay roan color that helps dress him up as well. He wears #1 shoes and stands easily for the ferrier. He jumps in the trailer and hauls quiet.   

Price: SOLD



Tonto is a very friendly easy going young horse. At 4 years old he loves people, he is very gentle to ride and is coming along nice. His color and horsenality makes him fun to be around. He is the first one at the gate and would follow you in the house if you let him. We are riding him outside and starting to expose to trails, cattle and normal life.  Tonto will match best with a rider who enjoys spending time with their horse, even if it is just to walk out and pet him for a few minutes.  We joke that he is part Labrador.  He is always waiting for someone to come into the pasture and you don't catch him, he catches you.     

Price: SOLD


Zorro was bred to have speed and work. Standing 15 hands and thick built he is easy to get on and off to work cattle or ride around the ranch. Zorro was started on cattle, cutting and roping. With his speed and nice stop we started him for breakaway and tie down roping. He is easy to catch, shoe and haul. He has been to the mountains packing, hunting and gathering cattle and sorting.  Zorro is selling grade because his mothers papers were never provided to us many years ago.  We chose to breed "Boogie" because she is a double bred Dash for Cash mare with an outstanding record on barrels and poles.  Zorro has her build and could easily be advanced in the speed events.  He is at that prime age where is is mature enough to go any direction, and has miles  and miles under him.

Price: $18,000



Rawhide is coming along as a 4 year old with color and easy to get along with. He has been started riding on all aspects, desensitization, trails and range riding. Not a big horse but those come with lots of heart.   



Clay 18.HEIC



Clay has color and is gentle as can be. He is so gentle and easy to be around, easy to catch and looking to be around people. Stands 15 hands and rides in any bridle. Clay came from a showing and trail riding background. Now he works with outside riding, ranch work and carries a dude once in a while.

Price: $ SOLD




Ty is bred to do any type of performance work, and comes with a very easy horsenality that most people enjoy to be around. Not the biggest horse out there at 14.2, but holds his own and is coming along in his training. Ty is 4 yrs old and looking to be around people and do what is asked. We have started Ty around the ranch and arena work with desensitizing obstacles and trail riding.  Ty comes from a long line of fancy bred horses developed by Heiken Performances Horses.  We have appreciated partnering with their bloodlines as these horses have all of the ability of very successful performance horses but with a personality that is content to do any activity and will match the level of the rider.  Their favorite thing is being around people.

Price: $12,000




Goose is all heart and color but somehow size got left out somewhere. Goose stands 14.0 and is very easy to be around. Gentle and loves people. In training as a 4 yr old now working on trails and riding out away from the barn. Goose has been through desensitizing clinics and handles pressure very well.  Goose was raised on the place and has been raised in our program from the first day.  He has had all of the right development and has a strong base.  Though he is small, he is thick built and will match well with a lady or kid skilled to finish training with a 4 year old.  He is fancy bred and will likely do well at whatever task he is trained for.  

Price: $ 1,000,000 OBO




Blue has been one of those once-in-a-lifetime horses. Super nice to be around, rides outstanding, color, and shape all add to this horse's complete package. We have had Blue for several years as one of our horses, teaching clinics, roping cattle, working at brandings, trail riding and working colts. He will ride in any bridle, he is easy to shoe, loads anywhere, easy to catch and easy to look at. Solid in every way, never lame and ready for someone to enjoy.  You need to come see and ride this horse to appreciate him. 

Price: $27,000